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03/08/16 I am writing to request the full records, including impound, evaluation and treatment, and outcom... Animal Care and Regulation Natasha Drane
03/07/16 Requesting copies of records relating to A14-014-014824. Animal Care and Regulation Natasha Drane
03/07/16 Hello County of Sacramento- This e-mail shall serve as an official Public Records Act request pu... Parks Natasha Drane
02/26/16 Requests copy; letter to neighbor, copy of citation, all reports from 2/26/26 to present, copy of... Animal Care and Regulation Natasha Drane
03/03/16 I would like a list of all foreclosed properties in Sacramento County. Clerk Recorder Natasha Drane
03/03/16 homstead 19930726 page 1509 grant deed 19930604 page 105 and 106 mod agreement 19980612 page 1330 Clerk Recorder Natasha Drane
03/03/16 Can you please send me the current costs and who holds the contract now for the Bid RFP #8259 tha... General Services Natasha Drane
03/01/16 Copies of all deeds, mortgages, and other recorded documents containing the name “Khatchik H. Ach... Clerk Recorder Natasha Drane
02/04/16 Subject: Associated Press Request - Incentives and Ground Transportation Laurie,   The Associa... Airports Natasha Drane
02/16/16 Subject: FOIA Request - RFPs for Parking Lot Management and/or Shuttle Bus Management Agreement a... Natasha Drane
02/27/16 Requesting all reports made about these people/dogs at 9524 Linda Rio Dr., Sacramento, CA Animal Care and Regulation Natasha Drane
02/26/16 I would like to request a copy of the most recent Purchase Orders, Bid Award, Contract Agreement,... General Services Natasha Drane
02/26/16 PRA Request for 1100 Howe Avenue, Sacramento, Ca under any and all aliases Including but not limi... Planning and Environmental Review Louise Rhodes
02/26/16 Requesting copy of all records for incident on 6/7/14, citation for horse, Alisa Cumbra.  Animal Care and Regulation Natasha Drane
02/26/16 Good morning,  The North State Building Industry Foundation is conducting some research regardin... Probation Natasha Drane
02/25/16 Under the California Public Records Act § 6250 et seq., I am requesting an opportunity to obtain ... Planning and Environmental Review Louise Rhodes
02/23/16 RE: Request to Review Public Records Dear Ms. Moffitt:                                          ... Planning and Environmental Review Louise Rhodes
02/25/16 You have a bid out now for Inmate and Detention Supplies, Solutions and Services RFP #8259. Can y... General Services Natasha Drane
02/22/16 Copy of all available reports for incident 12-22-15, Willow Grove Way & Cottonwood. Animal Care and Regulation Natasha Drane
02/23/16 Please send all reports for 5325 Pimlico Ave., Sacramento, CA  95841 Animal Care and Regulation Natasha Drane
02/22/16 Test - records relating to the hire of Sheri Dyer in the Department of Finance. Office of the County Executive Natasha Drane
02/22/16 Requesting all activity reports at my address from 2015 to current date. 7131 Flamingo Way, Sacra... Natasha Drane
02/19/16 Could you please forward me a copy of the review of the Sacramento County Registrar of Voters Off... Voter Registration Natasha Drane
02/18/16 Ms. Lamar,   I spoke with you briefly last week regarding a public records request pertaining t... Airports Natasha Drane
02/17/16 MEDIA REQUEST RECEIVED 2/17 re AUDIT OF VOTER REGISTRATION. This is a request for information ma... Office of the County Executive Chris Andis