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My name is Michael Blackburn and I am a Pastor interested in the building at 4010 El Camino Avenue Sacramento, CA for purchase. I reached out to Thomas Vogt a planner with the county on June 12th with a couple of questions concerning the building. On June 15th he did reply saying he had to forward my inquiry to a Building Inspector. I am sure everyone is busy, however after 14 days since my initial request, I hope I could get a answer Soon. Question (1) what is the occupancy allowance of the building? Question (2) Would it be allowable to expand the existing kitchen area of the build and to install an exhaust hood for a stove/oven? If I could get an answer very soon it would be greatly appreciated as this building is for sale and may not be available much longer. Thank You for your timely and urgent response.


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Michael Blackburn


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June 26, 2020, 11:38am
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