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Need any and all documents for 7907 Garden Highway, Sacramento, Ca 95837


Hello Brian,  I need the original house build prints from 1964, the second story addition 1979, the dock and stairs down to the dock, and anything about the armament -rocks on the descending river bank.  Can you ley me know what is available, copy costs, when I could come and look at documents.... I need them ASAP


ASAP       Karen


March 18, 2020 via email


Development & Code Services





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Natasha Drane

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March 18, 2020, 3:53pm
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March 18, 2020, 3:53pm
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PR20-1042 - 7907 Garden Highway, Sac., Ca. 95837 -Re-issued, Old Permits, Violation Notices, Fee Due and Inspection log.pdf
March 18, 2020, 3:51pm
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Development & Code Services
March 18, 2020, 3:46pm
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March 18, 2020, 3:46pm