Request #19-3278

Dear: Jeffrey Gasaway


Re: CPRA request for all current contracts for janitorial and security guard services and the RFP or bid solicitations for these contracts, including:


  • Proposer’s submittals
  • Estimated staffing
  • Department being serviced
  • Type of service
  • Contract value
  • Start and expiration date of service contract – including any extensions
  • Invoices since 1/1/2019


 In electronic format if available. 


Pursuant to the State of California Open Records Act, Cal. Gov’t Code § 6250 to 6277, the Service Employees International Union is requesting an inventory of all current contracts, including any amendments, extensions, or other modifications, for 1) janitorial services and 2) security guard services between the County of Sacramento and any contractor. 


Please include the RFP or bid solicitations and Proposer Submittals for these contracts as well.


We are requesting electronic copies of the contracts and RFP or bid solicitations if these are available. 


If you believe that an express provision of law exists to exempt from disclosure all or a portion of the material I have requested, Government Code Section 6256 requires you to notify me of the reasons for this determination not later than 10 days from your receipt of this request.


We ask that you acknowledge receipt of this request and provide us with an estimate of the time needed to comply.  Please notify me in advance if you estimate that the charges for fulfilling this request will exceed $100.


Please contact me with any questions you have regarding this request.  I can be reached on my office phone at (510) 437-8113 or by email at  


Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to hearing from you within 10 business days.




Matt Morris




December 16, 2019 via web


Finance, General Services





Point of Contact

Natasha Drane

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January 6, 2020, 5:59am
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January 3, 2020, 10:59am
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A1 Protective Services Attachments (zipped)
A1 Protective Services Forms (zipped)
First Alarm Security & Patrol RFP's (zipped)
First Alarm and Security & Patrol Forms (zipped)
Contracts valid through
Security Guards Contracts Usage Information.pdf
WA00032958 - A1 Protective Service Rev 3.pdf
WA00032959 - First Security Services.pdf
RFP8243 Phase 1 Evaluation Results 4-20-2015.docx
RFP8243 Phases 2 & 3 Score Summary MB WC SJ 5-14-15.xlsx
January 3, 2020, 10:55am
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January 3, 2020, 10:14am
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