Request #19-1946

 To ensure proper setback for the construction of a new well proposed  for the Fair Oaks Water District we are requesting  existing Septic Tank and Leach Field location Information for the following parcels:

APN 242-0175-014; 4305 New York Avenue, Fair Oaks

APN 242-0175-015 : no address found, parcel appears to be vacant

APN 242-0175-017 ; 7787 Lemon Street, Fair Oaks 

APN 242-0173-033; 4304 New York Avenue, Fair Oaks

APN 242-0173-032; 4300 New York Avenue, Fair Oaks

APN 242-0173-044; 4266 New York Avenue, Fair Oaks

APN 7242-0173-044; 7821 Lemon Street

The Well Project site is located on APN -0175-016; 4301 New York Avenue.

 Thank you for your assistance.

 Jack Scroggs, Principal

KASL Consulting Engineers





August 12, 2019 via web


Environmental Management





Point of Contact

Natasha Drane

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August 13, 2019, 10:54am
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Fulfilled (records produced)

August 13, 2019, 10:54am
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Permit_4266 NEW YORK AVE__7-15-2013 12-00-00 AM_Redacted.pdf
Permit_7821 LEMON ST_005179639_9-20-1995 12-00-00 AM_Redacted.pdf
Permit_7821 LEMON ST_006532380_6-30-2006 12-00-00 AM_Redacted.pdf
Test Drill-Soil Log_7821 LEMON_006733765_9-19-1995 12-00-00 AM_Redacted.pdf
August 13, 2019, 10:52am
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Plot Plans_4266 NEW YORK AVE__8-16-2013 12-00-00 AM.pdf
Plot Plans_7821 LEMON ST_005062410_9-20-1995 12-00-00 AM.pdf
Plot Plans_7821 LEMON ST_006532364_6-30-2006 12-00-00 AM.PDF
Plot Plans_7821 LEMON ST_006532365_7-14-2006 12-00-00 AM.PDF
August 13, 2019, 10:48am
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Environmental Management
August 12, 2019, 3:36pm
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August 12, 2019, 3:36pm