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We are currently conducting a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment for the property at 950, 952, 954, 956 Howe Avenue & 2231 Northrop Avenue, Sacramento, CA. The ASTM Practice E1527-13 Standard Practice of Environmental Site Assessments requires that a records search be conducted with local regulatory departments for information regarding the subject property. Of particular interest are the following items that may be on file with Planning and Environmental Review:

  • Record of any Activity Use Limitations (AULs) in connection with the property. AULs are typically in place at sites which would prevent future uses of a property.
  • Subject property zoning and any current zoning violations.
  • Records indicating environmental concern (petroleum storage tanks, septic systems, oil/water separators).


August 10, 2019 via web


Planning and Environmental Review, Environmental Management, Development & Code Services





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Natasha Drane

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