Request #18-2174

Requesting any CUPA, septic, and/or well records for the property at the following addresses: 8139, 8141, 8143, 8145, 8149, 8151, 8153, 8155 Sheldon Road and 8151, 8700, 8706 West Stockton Boulevard, Elk Grove, CA 95758 (APN 117-0220-046)


October 29, 2018 via web


Environmental Management





Point of Contact

Natasha Drane

Request Published Public
November 6, 2018, 2:46pm
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Fulfilled (records produced)

November 6, 2018, 2:46pm
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8151 Sheldon and 8151 W Stockton.pdf
APN Info-Maps_8151 SHELDON RD.pdf
Chronology of Events-Field Notes_8151 SHELDON RD.pdf
Chronology of Events-Field Notes_8151 SHELDON RD{933D2BCA-6583-4015-BB13-197B9500A95C}.pdf
Closure-NFA_8151 SHELDON RD.pdf
Closure-NFA_8151 SHELDON RD{CB25E09A-EED0-4551-9BDE-0727746D0E12}.pdf
Complaint-Incident Report_8151 SHELDON RD.pdf
Complaint-Incident Report_8151 SHELDON.pdf
Correspondence_8151 SHELDON RD .pdf
Correspondence_8151 SHELDON RD.pdf
Correspondence_8151 SHELDON RD{5F1E7379-BE4F-4A64-A547-7D797CE72889}.pdf
Correspondence_8151 SHELDON RD{312CFA15-6A09-49DE-A6A2-D7E0E1CA27FA}.pdf
Correspondence_8151 SHELDON RD{762B27E5-792C-4D09-A9E1-065488F70828}.pdf
Correspondence_8151 SHELDON RD{36381F05-AC1C-4907-9F34-4C811085E509}.pdf
Correspondence_8151 SHELDON RD{ABDF2E8E-B7E4-46B3-B7CE-5E2F9EFD6BAC}.pdf
Correspondence_8151 SHELDON RD{EA1EDF22-8103-47BB-A397-F7EDEBBF61C4}.pdf
Correspondence_8151 WEST STOCKTON BLVD.PDF
Correspondence_8151 WEST STOCKTON BLVD{437BADDA-B715-4C49-96A9-BE4AB84B75EF}.PDF
Correspondence_8706 WEST STOCKTON BLVD.PDF
Inspection Reports-Photos_8151 WEST STOCKTON BLVD.pdf
Inspection Reports-Photos_8706 WEST STOCKTON BLVD.pdf
Notice of Reimbursement_8151 SHELDON RD.pdf
Permit_8151 SHELDON RD.pdf
Permit_8151 SHELDON ROAD.pdf
Permit_8151 SHELDON ROAD{26E520DB-5B68-44F5-BECD-D3C12E5107CB}.pdf
Public Review-Complaint-Incident Report_8151 SHELDON.PDF
Remediation_8151 SHELDON RD.pdf
Remediation_8151 SHELDON RD{EEAB974A-6297-4E66-8EED-15F71393F5EE}.pdf
Site Assessment Report_8151 SHELDON RD.pdf
Site Assessment Report_8151 SHELDON RD{416879EB-5F10-446E-87AF-BDB2E1C48A0E}.pdf
Well Drillers Report_8151 SHELDON ROAD.pdf
Workplan_8151 SHELDON RD.pdf
Workplan_8151 SHELDON RD{0C891453-19E0-4064-9A08-9C97ABDEC4A2}.pdf
November 6, 2018, 2:45pm
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Environmental Management
October 29, 2018, 5:10pm
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Request received via web
October 29, 2018, 5:10pm