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I'm trying to find some old minutes from Board of Supervisors meeting in November of 1980 when Arden Oaks NPA was adopted and also in 1987 or 1989 when it was revised. I have an old copy but hard to read and I wondered where is the best place to go to research those old minutes. 

Also, there was apparently something called the Zoning Interpretation Committee in or around 1997 and trying to figure out where those committee. minutes might be located.  

Any direction or advice would be so much appreciated. 

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Thanks for any help and direction you can provide. If I need to come down to look through records, that's also not a problem (I'm only a few blocks away). I just wasn’t sure where to start or look for these older records.

The Board of Supervisors minutes I'm looking for cover the adoption of the Arden Oaks, Arden Park, Gordon Heights, Sierra Oaks Vista, etc. NPA's - which were apparently adopted November 6th or 9th of 1980 and then revised in the 1987 or 1989 time frame.

There was also apparently a Zoning Code Interpretation Committee that met or at least made findings during 1997 that concerned the Arden Oaks NPA. I have the conclusion but don't have a copy of the committee meeting minutes or notes.

Again, I'm happy to come down if that's a better way to go about finding these documents

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I've attached the copies that I have from the original adoption of those NPA's, although they are not very legible.


  • I'm looking for these minutes (including any preamble or additional detail);
  • as well as the minutes related to the restatement/renumbering of these NPA ordinances in the late 1980's - I think the restatements were done in 1988 as part of that update to the Zoning Code, but I don't know for certain; and
  • Last, I'm looking for the minutes and/or actions of a committee that was (is) called the Zoning Interpretation Committee – in 1997 they interpreted the Arden Oaks NPA and their conclusion had been noted within the Arden Oaks NPA prior to the most recent Zoning Code Update.



August 9, 2016 via email


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