Request #16-141

I am writing to request the full records, including impound, evaluation and treatment, and outcome information, for animal ID # A679757 impounded at Sacramento County Animal Services from Feb 1, 2016 through February 12, 2016 (or until Euthanized)

I would like these records in electronic form, either in the original form in which they are stored by the agency, or in any electronic form in which they can be provided.

For this animal, I request the animal ID# and the full record with all of the following information and any other information stored by Sacramento County Animal Care Services.

(1) Date of intake

(2) Time of intake

(3) Date due out

(4) Date of outcome (e.g., Euthanasia, Adoption, or Release)

(5) Time of euthanasia, adoption, or release

(6) Intake type (e.g., Stray, Owner-surrender, Dead, etc.)

(7) Intake subtype (e.g., Over the counter, Field, etc.)

(8) Outcome (Adoption, Euthanasia, Return to owner, etc.)

(9) Reason for euthanasia (if euthanasia was performed)

(10) Kennel or cage identification

(11) Notations and descriptions of the condition of the animal on intake and at the time of outcome

(12) Notations and descriptions of any medical examinations, attention, or treatments provided, including all observations, theories, tests, prescriptions, prognoses, and diagnoses.

(13) Notations of the provider(s) of any medical examinations, attention, tests, treatments, prognoses, or diagnoses

(14) Notations and descriptions of any temperament or behavioral tests performed on the animal

(15) Notations and descriptions of any holds requested for the animal

(16) Color intake photograph

(17) Description of the animal, including species, sex, breed, color, and spay/neuter status.


March 8, 2016 via web


Animal Care and Regulation





Point of Contact

Natasha Drane

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