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From: [] Sent: Thursday, October 29, 2015 8:10 AM To: Kennedy. Supervisor Subject: Regional Park Closures


I am a user of the regional parks American River bikeway.  I have been trying to get updated information of the many closures that affect this bikeway with regard to events and repaving work.  I have now communicated with three different persons in the Regional Parks and have been unable to find up to date information on these closures.  My attempt to contact the Director to discuss my concerns was side tracked and, as the Director does not list an email address it appears unlikely that I will be able to communicate with him directly.


In answer to my questions regarding closures, Park staff have been vague and unable to provide explicit information as to where and when closures are occurring or will occur in the near future.  For example:


My first contact yielded this response:

 At this time they are still working on the course, but they are planning on the lower reaches of the Parkway.  Once it is finalized, we will post something on the Parks website about 2 weeks prior with closed area sections.

(I still have no specific information concerning this event although an application should have been submitted reserving this activity which requires trail location and event hours. The current Parks Calendar has this information:

Beat the Blerch (Parkway CLOSED)


Saturday November 14, 2015 7:00 AM - 1:00 PM


Amber Veselka

Additional Information


 This is a CLOSED trail event.

Beat the Blerch is a Marathon/Half/10K event.

Along the parkway course there will be aid stations. Some of these stations will be set up the day before the event.

Note that there is no indication of how much of the trail is to be closed - Mile 0 to 13, 26, or 32 )


My second contact yielded this response:

I don't have a construction work schedule, as far as I was told, it was on the website. Here is where I usually look -  If that doesn't answer your questions, I would either call our main line 875-6961 or


My third contact by telephone, when trying to reach the Director, was a response that closure information could be found on the Parks main internet page.   After pointing out the information showed that no new construction was indicated although part of the Parkway was closed due to repaving, I was asked to call the construction supervisor, who, a day later, could only say that construction was continuing and that updated information was unavailable.  I asked if he would consider posting updates on the website as they became available to him.   A recent post indicates that “Vehicle and pedestrian access to Rossmoor Bar is closed due to construction until further notice.”


I am at a lost as to where to get timely and specific information regarding dates and trail sections closed.  Would you contact the Parks Director and ask that he organize and post detailed information on events and construction along the trail in a timely and specific manner. (Perhaps they have a website manager that could consolidate this information.)


With no disrespect to your office I now make a request under the Public Records Act for copies of all contracts and schedules thereto relating to repaving or other construction taking place on the American River Parkway for the next six months and copies of all applications for Parkway closures for events occurring during the next six months.


Thank you for your attention in this matter.


Gary Summers

916 448 9465

1117 Swanston Drive, Sacramento, CA 95818


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